Bolt Engineer(c)

Special Order

Exmple of Special make Design

  • (1)Steel Mill Factory

    We specially designed for Hex type bolt M56:
    Input 35Nm
    Output 270kN

    graph graph
  • (2)Plant Maker

    Hex-shaped body M56:
    Input 70Nm
    Output 320kN

    graph graph
  • (3)Building Construction Co.

    Hex-shaped body M38 with a higher tension:
    Input 70Nm
    Output 424kN

    graph graph
  • (4)Big plant maker

    Tension-Nut M80 with Higher tension with 30 pcs. press-screw
    Input: 300Nm each
    Output: 4200kN

    graph graph
  • (5)Food Manufacture Factory

    We made with almi-material, and used butter instead of petrol for Lubrication on the press-screws.
    Input 100Nm
    Output 10kN

    graph graph

More Infomation :

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