Bolt Engineer(c)

Tension-Nut, to prevent from loosening, is used for:

Large Compressors/Vigorous machines/Punching Press/Forging Press/Cutting-machines/Arbar-bolts & Pulleys/Rotating shafts/ Crank-Shafts/Turbine's Coupling/Anchor bolts/Large Valves Pressure Vessels/Large Pumps/Crasher machines/ Construction-machines/Power-shovels/Injection-machines Chemical plants/Wind turbine & towers/Steel-Mills/ Rolling machines

Never Loosening Anymore! Tension-Nut, internationally patented, Technology from Japan | Bolt-tension is controlled with no hydraulic wrench and bolt-tensioner.

One handy torque-wrench can accurately control the bolt-tension,
with no need for power, no expensive hydraulic wrench nor bolt tensioner.

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