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Wait a moment, Your striking Spanner and Hammer !

Is it a man 's work !? Because the striking spanner is barbaric and dangerous work. No, even women can tighten it more strongly and safely ! with a Tension-Nut.

The swing of the blow wrench is not only dangerous, but also [cracking of it] is sometimes a life. The mission of Tension-Nut is to eliminate such the dangerous work of the blow wrench.

With Tension-Nut, you can not only control the tension of the bolt more accurately than a hydraulic wrench but also prevent "Bolt Seizure and Galling”.
Let's stop your tightening by striking on bolts and nuts.

Examples of Use
- In a major food factory, a M64 bolt on the drive-unit of the belt conveyor with problem of vibration and easy loosening was regularly re-tightened with a striking spanner, but since has been replaced with Tension-Nut, a woman has tightened it by a hand-wrench.
- Though skilled workers had tightened M56 at a Steel Mill, with a blow-wrench, replacing it with Tension-Nut, female workers are working on the same job now with no blow-wrench.
- For example, it is easy to obtain a tension of 610kN(=approx. 61ton) at M42 with inputting 70 Nm(=approx. 7kg) by hand-wrench. No electric power and hydraulic power are needed.

By using Tension-Nut, good-bye, the striking spanner.